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Update at 10:30am June 13

Keep those entries coming in and remember that deposits are due by July 1st to secure spots



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Please add Kassey Fechner and Dena Buxton to A squad and reserves for both B and C squads. Thank you!


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Updated squad list as at June 20th

Deposits are coming in pretty quickly now so don't forget to secure your spot, a $100 deposit is due by July 1st



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Squad list update as at Monday June 26th

Deposits are due end of THIS WEEK to secure your place in chosen squad
So if bowlers in B and C squad wish to remain in those squad a deposit is due by July 1st
In just 5 days time



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Squad update as at 11am June 29
2 days to go for deposits to secure your spot in chosen squad

There are paid reserves waiting for both B and C squads



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Update as at 2:30pm June 30th

Paid reserves are waiting for both B and C squads
These reserves will be moved into their preferred squads
As of Monday

To avoid missing out on your chosen squad deposits are DUE by July 1st (tomorrow)
We will allow till Monday to check account for those that are paid between now and over the weekend.



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Good morning all.

Now with the dead line has past with deposits to secure you're spot in chosen squad it will now become 1st in best dressed.

Also I would to add that if anyone is unable to attend that you please notify myself or Dave that you are unable to attend and anyone that dose NOT notify us before the event a deposit will have to be paid before accepting nomination for the event in the future for this event.

Being a nationally ranked event we expecting professionalism from all bowlers in this area.

Cheers Doug


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Updated squad list as at 9am July 4th

From today forward a paid deposit will secure your spot into ANY squad
That has unsecured spots

Don't delay



Hi! This is alex miller. have paid $100 deposit for gold coast cup. receipt no: N070475827877. I am reserve for c squad and have my name down for D squad. prefer C squad. cheers


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Nelson deposit paid
Bob Hardin C squad deposit paid

Tim Sullivan moving to C squad

4 spots left in C squad that are unsecured


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Updated squad list July 8th

As stated on Thursday Night, C squad is now SOLD OUT. Reserves that were still in for C have been moved to B squad reserves and have also put those names into A squad.

There are currently 8 unsecured spots in B squad, get your deposit in now to secure a place in B squad.

Please ensure when paying a deposit that you send through a receipt via email so we can time stamp your deposit

We are looking forward to a very successsful event next month and can't thank our major sponsor Global Travel & Cruise enough for their support. Make sure you head on over and give them a "LIKE" and get all your holidays plans organised with a great team

At 4pm today details about a "Win a Spot" 8 gamer will be posted also for a chance to win a fully paid entry. Head to our Facebook page for more details from 4pm



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Please remove me from the list. I'm unable to attend this year.

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