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  • Hi Jase,

    Did you receive my post from myself about a member who acknowledged payment for two bowling balls on 15 Feb 16. It is now just over 3 weeks and I still have not received bowling balls.

    The member profile is K-C (Kassey Fechner) She assured me that the bowling balls would arrive guaranteed by 04 Mar. As yet still no bowling balls.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


    Hi there. Myself and a few other people here in South Australia have been running the "SA Adult Circuit", which is similar to the old Sports Series that used to run (ended in September 2010). Is it possible to have the name of the South Australian Sports Series forum renamed to "SA Adult Circuit"? It would be good to have some additional exposure to the events that we plan to run in 2014. Thanks, David Brooks.
    Seems a bit silly that if a member gets banned, there is no detailed explanation or recourse other than to open up another user name and go through the process again.

    Sorry for breaking up the messages, Only allowed 480 characters
    Could I please have an explanation as to what it was that got me banned so I don't make the same mistake (If I made one) Also, I couldn't send messages to any of the admin's to find out why I was banned.
    Hi Jase,

    I've had to rejoin since the forum was updated because my old login wouldn't let me access the forum. It said that I failed to go by site rules.

    Also, is it possible to have my old username unlocked so I can access it again please. Username is mickyd213

    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Jase
    I am having trouble uploading attachement - any suggestion
    Can you tell me how to load live scores - is this still available
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