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  • Hi Leanne, just wanting to confirm you have received entry form and EFT confirmation for both Zach and Maddy Kemp by fax. Had a bit of a problem while faxing and don't know if you did receive okay.

    Can you please let me know. Thanks Karen
    Hi Leanne, will you be taking the names downs that were on total bowling before posting entry form or do we need to start again.
    Hey Leanne, Hope all is well
    josh Morel kindly reminded me deposits had to be in, i went into westpac to pay deposit and they don't know how to spell
    there reference is only numbers so if you see a payment from westpac waverley gardens mulgrave with agent ref 123456 thats Joshys deposit.
    take care
    love jeanine xxxx
    Hi Leanne, James Wragg average is 177 and XL shirt please.
    Hope you are well and look forward to seeing you in a few weeks
    Hey Leanne

    Can you please take me and Jon of the list for sydney youth cup unforanetly we cant get the time off work now, really sorry.
    I gave the squad times to your grandma
    Have them at campbelltown
    See me tomorrow
    hi leanne just letting you know my girlfriend and iwill be arriving in sydney at 8:15 pm for the sydney youth and was wondering if you would know of anyone that was out that way that would be able to pick us up
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