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Hello all.

The Gold Coast Cup tournament committee are pleased to advise that this years running of the 2017 Gold Coast Cup will be brought to by GLOBAL TRAVEL & CRUISE (GTAC) and will take place at Coolangatta/Tweed Tenpin on the 18-19-20th of August 2017

We also would like to mention that we still knowledge Brian Pilkington as the 2015 winner and there for he is still entitled to free entry and preference to what ever squad he chooses to bowl in as this was part of winning the 2015 Apps unloaded Gold Coast Cup

GLOBAL TRAVEL & CRUISE Is a travel agency based in the tweed heads local area with their office only walking distance from the bowl and with staff having over 60 years experience between them u will not fall short from finding a great deal thru them, the team at GTAC will also be on hand over the weekend just in case anyone will be looking for some great holiday deals.
If you wish not to wait and you wanna book something now or even just get some info please feel free to get in touch with them on the details below:

Ph: 1300 366 599

After the postpone of last year's event we are hoping for a great turn out of competitors attending this year's event. Entry form and details of the payout to be released shortly and with the payout looking very good for this years event.

We would also like to thank Totalbowling for the use of the forum to promote this event and to all the bowlers for the support, and we hope to see all return And some new faces from the 2015 event.

We are all working hard to secure more sponsors for this event and as soon as more of them come to light we will announce them along the way.

Please feel free to post you squads below and we will keep you all up to date with squad listings

Cost $270 and re-entry's will be once again on offer for $120 ( Only if there is a spot free in a squad for you to do so )

A $100 deposit is needed to save your spot in your desired squad, Cut off date will be the 01-07-17


Please use GCCUP and your last name as a REF in making your deposits and let me know on here or via facebook..

Name: Tenpin Bowling Association Of QLD (Robina Branch) INC.

ACC: 189511057

BSB: 014536

Cheers Doug


Qualifying. All bowlers to bowl 10 games scratch pinfall. Lane change every 2 games. Odd lanes move 3 pair to left. Even lanes move 3 pair right.

Female bowlers will receive 8 pins

Lanes will be washed and re-oiled in-between squads

Finals Round 1. The top 24 bowlers to bowl 6 games scratch pinfall. Qualifying pinfall to be carried over. Lane changes after each game. Odd lanes move 1 pair left. Even lanes move 1 pair right.

Than all pinfall will be dropped moving into round 2 of finals.

Finals Round 2. The top 15 bowlers on scratch pinfall after Round 1 will progress to match play consisting of 7 games, 3 way match play. Bonus pins applied will be 20 pins for 1st, 10 pins for 2nd and 0 pins for 3rd place each match.

The top 5 at the completion of this round will proceed to a stepladder final with 5th place to bowl 4th place and the winner to meet 3rd place, than the to bowl 2nd and the winner will meet the top seed place getter in the final with a repechage available. All pinfall from the bonus pins and games will determine the final 5 bowler placing's for the stepladder finals.

The winner of the title match will be declared the 2017 Gold Coast Tenpin Cup champion and will receive free entry into the 2018 tournament.


Squad times will be as follows:

Qualifying. Bowling 10 games. 4 bowlers to a pair.

Squad A. 6:00pm check-in. 32 bowlers maximum.

Squad B. 7:30am check-in. 32 bowlers maximum.

Squad C. 1:00pm check-in. 32 bowlers maximum.

Squad D. 6:30pm check-in. 32 bowlers maximum.

Finals - Sunday 20th August

Check-in is at 7:00am SHARP

Finals Round 1. Top 24 Bowling 6 games. 4 bowlers to a pair.

Finals Round 2. Top 15 Bowling 7 games, 3 way match play.

Check-in immediately after results posted and to commence after conditioning of lanes.

Stepladder to commence immediately following match play.

Tournament Rules & Conditions

• This is a scratch event open to all TBA registered bowlers. All games are bowled in accordance with TBA rules& regulations. TBA membership cards will be requested at check-in.

Dress code. Collared or bowling shirts Are suitable attire, trousers, dress shorts or skirts are preferred with men allowed to wear dress shorts though out qualifying however on Sunday of the finals men are to wear trousers only.
Jeans, track pants, denim shorts, board shorts, cargos & tights will not be acceptable attire.

• Smoking, alcohol and use of mobile phones will not be permitted whilst competing.

• The tournament directors reserve the right to scrutinise any equipment at any time. Any non-sanctioned equipment or equipment to be found non-compliant or in breach of TBA rules and regulations by any bowler, will result in instant disqualification and no claim to any prize money.

Ball Registrations are mandatory in 2017 and will follow all TBAregulations, registration forms will be required to be filled out prior to commencement of your first qualifying squad

• Re-entry option will be available and the tournament directors must be notified within 10 minutes prior to check-in time for the squad commencing and a vacancy in the nominated squad must be available. Maximum re-entry is not limited but is only available based on squad availability.

• Ties. In the result of any ties for qualifying or Finals Round 1, the highest last game will decide the highest position. At the end of Round 2 match play, if any ties, a 1 game play off will decide the highest position. If a tie in either stepladder match occurs, a 1 game play off will take place to determine a winner. If still tied, a 10th frame playoff will be used to break any further tie.

• Any bowler to not check-in for any Final rounds on time will be replaced by the first available place getter, eg top 24, if 1 person fails to check-in then 25th place will be offered a spot to progress and so on until place is filled.
• Any other matters not covered above, will be determined by the tournament directors whose decision will be final.
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Ranga Man!!!!
The following people all for B squad please. Sean Vettiger, Gabrielle Vettiger, Ashley Warren, Kurt Paterson, Chris Lane, Adam Grandison. Please and thank you. Really looking forward to it.
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