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    does 277 and 279 count as book of shame?

    277 and 279 are only book of shame-able if you start with the front 10 :)
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    Depressing = Woodville Ten Pin Bowling centre

    Geez Rob, might have to ring the front counter at head office so someone comes to check the emails...
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    2014 Nationals

    AMF Moonah has the location. 500m down the road is the Martin Cash Motel... modest sized rooms... Without a drug bust for at least a year. McDonalds in-between there and the centre, as well as a "Cat'n'Dog" Diner for all you can eat Chinese cuisine. Strategically placed poles on the...
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    Are you a Bowling Geek

    I confess.... I'm a geek
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    Other Seismic Solaris Platinum v Stampede v Longhorn Quick Comparison Video

    Fixed original link in Mr. Doust's post
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    Metnone Bowl will finally close its doors

    Very sad. Remember spending school holidays in that place while staying at Eric Thompson's place. Great memories.
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    I would like to congratulate a good friend of mine, Ashley Riley, on winning his 4th Australian Masters Title. No other male has won more than two, and winning 4 (1995, 1998, 2005 and 2013), in at least 3 different formats, is just a phenomenal achievement. Surely this has to be the icing on...
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    Lane Project

    And their lanes haven't changed since they were put in down here....
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    An Interesting Story

    Great story
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    Junior Leaugues

    AMF Moonah no longer have any junior leagues
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    Ball Spinner Ideas?

    First thing I did when I got out of the proshop business, was get a ball spinner. I got an Innovative spinner, and it's brilliant. I did have to get a power converter, but I believe it is the best investment a serious bowler can buy. This spinner has no wobble whatsoever, even with whacked out...
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    Andy McKay - 300 no.2

    Congrats Grandpa :)
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    8pins start for women, did it work?

    You should be a poet... :)
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    8pins start for women, did it work?

    Anything that "potentially" allows for bigger fields and more prize money, I'm all for. It is sorely needed in this country. I really don't see it as a big advantage. The girls may have a slight advantage on a few of the patterns where they can project it up the lane more than the guys, and...
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    2013 Nats- info & suggestions.

    Congrats on getting the Nationals back Robbie. I really did enjoy bowling up there in 2003. It's nice to bowl in a centre that's run by BOWLERS. It makes a world of difference
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