Purvis Granger rolls 300 number 42


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Congratulations to Purvis Granger who shot his 42nd 300 in league on Saturday Night with his Storm Agent…

Purvis has continued on with his form since the 300 he rolled in the Hong Kong open with his Storm Spit Fire...He also followed that up with a 300 in Guam Intercity, also using the Spit Fire…

Well done mate I would say you are ON FIRE…


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Hey Thanks Jason,

I been in top form latley hope to make it down to Brisbane to have a few pints of FOSTERS with you and the old friends.


#@&*~!! ten pin!!
No wonder the rest of us can't bowl 'em... You're using 'em all up!!! Congratulations Purvis, that's one hell of a feat!!


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Thanks WALC...But I will take all I can its took me 2 years and lots of 299 to get my 39th 300 I always wanted to stay up with my age and i finally got it Sat..42 to match how old i am


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Well done Purvis

Some of us strive to bowl our first, or second etc but to have 42, just an awesome effort.

Congrats once again.


Congratulations on Number 42!! We hope there are many more to come.

Kyles & Lacky


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Thanks Kyles & Lacky,

I know there will be more but i just dont know when Maybe tonight i get #43 hehe


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Hey Kellie Thanks a million. Hope to see you and Jason soon so I can go for a dip in your Pool!! HE HE ..And dont worry one day you might get a 300 but it does not matter cause you got a wonderful Family plus good friends like me!!
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