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  • I see no one comments on anything i have said.
    i guess they just want to have a go at you and forget the issues.
    Wayne Help me out here a bit,try and get some interest for this tournament,they all winge about value for money. How many centers would offer $2.00 per Game.

    Thanks Wayne,

    Hi Wayne, I haven't entered the VSS yet due to the lack of numbers. Steve Eeles and l will come up if the numbers improve enough, didn't want to enter and then withdraw at the last minute. Cheers, Paul.
    Not a problem Wayne.
    So you must have heard back from TBA then.
    Email would be better, then only I see it.

    Left side was......... tight. right side opened up by the end of practice, left side never did. **** happens I guess.
    If it takes one voice to make a stand for what is right and wrong...don't give up mate!!

    Seen your blog. It seems that we are lonely voices in the wilderness and our very personalities and profiles mean that we are not taken seriously, either by the establishment or by other bowlers and posters on this forum. But that is the cross we must bear.

    I've heard nothing more about Manila as yet. But you are right, they will send whoever has the money and a passport. The only "selection" process as far as I can see is which players they team up. Maybe i am a cynic, but I don't think so.
    That's fantastic! A Norm Duke in the making, only he's probably already almost as tall as Norm :)
    Carly bowls only occasionally and throws it two-handed. I ask her every few weeks whether she'd like to join in a weekly league but she tells me she doesn't want to be a bowler. (kinda breaks my heart every time too )
    We're all reasonably healthy here. Wishing you and your family a wonderful upcoming holiday season.

    Say, what's the with the senior comp in the Philippines?Looks live anyone with a card and a few thousand dollars can wear the Green and Gold. Representative teams my arse. Not much different that when the DeVeer bowlers were calling themselves Australian reps.

    have you seen my totalbowling blog? I'm getting lots of stuff off my chest on it.

    Hey Wayne,

    Got a 9 year old who is averaging about 126 at the moment and i can't stop him from bowling. Wants to bowl EVERY day. Any ideas who i am talking about? jay shot 2 x 170 games this week. Loves shooting straight up 3 board but the amazing thing is his spare shooting, both those games had only 2 strikes.

    Trust everyone is well.
    Brenton, Shelley, Jay and Lee
    Hey Wayne,

    Jay shot a 177 in his junior league on tuesday night. Hes 9, uses an 8lb plastic and loves playing straight up 3 board. In 5 years time he will be tearing me a new one i think.

    Trust your family is well. Say hi for all of us

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