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  • Hey Brenton,

    From the profile picture i take it you use 900 global equipment - can you tell me why you went with that brand? About to start bowling again and looking for equipment
    Hi Brenton,
    Do you still do plugging & drilling? I've had a ball drilled badly its been seen by Brad and Village AMF he's recommended I get in touch with you.
    Cheers mate, hope your well!
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    Hi Brenton, can you recommend a motel for SA Cup? A nice one, not a Pub. Thanks, Paul.
    Hi Brenton, do you know what's going on with SA Cup? I haven't been able to find any details as yet. Thought you might know. Cheers, Paul.
    hey brenton..

    Epping got the best of you hey..
    i couldn't slide one bit the week before in the Emerson
    Hi brenton will you be bring the bowling show upto Queensland at anytime? we get it on briz 31 up here. Enjoy it very much. Keep up the good work with the show.
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