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  • Hi Peter,
    I am running Lismore Tenpin Bowl at the moment and have a spare time slot on Thursday to run something different for the bowlers.
    I would like to start a xgames league and see how we go.
    Please send me all the info and anything I would need to run this league, if there is a cost, please let me know.
    Mark & Kristy lawton
    Mark, Thanks for your interest, Download the App to any android device $3.99 and give XGB format a try. To run a League you will need one device per pair of lanes. Unfortunately we can not offer automatic scoring at this time. No other cost involved once you have the App. If you go ahead with a comp, I have some flyers and banner to help advertise, Cheers, Pete
    Don't know if I'm getting ahead of the game here, but I'm starting to feel just a wee bit optimistic. You've obviously been doing quite a lot of work, and now there's a bit of curiousity creeping in. There's always more followers than leaders, so get ready for a Peter Brierly fan club --- well---------?
    Hi -- Hope the week-end goes well. Re Brenton's post.. Give it some thought, you can be so close to something that you don't see things from a 'no knowledge' persprctive. When explaining - explain what's happening as if you're explaining it at a kindergarten, as what is self-evident to you can be puzzling to someone else. FOR INSTANCE - the present scoring system is so simple to you or me, but ....

    Luck !!
    Hi,----How go with fires? Sent text which you prob did'nt get.
    TRIED to bowl last night. Not successful !! 129 - 129 - 117.
    Last time I felt that buggered after bowling was in 1963 at Southern Cross Bowl in Melbourne, after completing a 24 hr. Marathon.

    Cheers, jim
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