Highest Game to Game Difference

I went 133 279 277 about 6 months ago, & about a year ago I also went 289 144. Not much for consistancy eh?
Can't remember what I've posted on this thread previously, so there might be a few repeats but some erratic back-to-back games that I recall over the years would be:

Anthony Cox 118-279 in Sponsors League in about 1992/93 (161 the difference).
He would've only been about 16 at the time, threw the orb with as much juice as I've ever seen back then too.

Paul Lucock 300-154 in the old Premier League back in '88, it was Tassie's first ever perfect game, he shot it with Keogh McKay's black Rhino (146 the difference).

Mike Dayton 300-142 in Centre League about three years ago, he was a 150-something average bowler but went through a purple patch and held his nerve beautifully, only one lucky one, the rest dead solid.
Incredibly went in for open heart surgery about a week later! (158 the difference)

Adam Carr 278-135 in Sponsors League in 2001/02, in an amazing first game our 4-man team shot about 1030/4, we were pretty confident it would've been either a Centre/State record but couldn't verify it 'cos there aren't any kept nowdays and the old ones went missing years ago when Jean Foster moved to Queensland.
None of us bowled very well the next game however (143 the difference).

Scott Cruse, a ranga that bowled with us back in the junior days, shot a 140 odd-288 in Sponsors League circa '93.
This was back in the days when you could still smoke in the bowl, I reckon he had a half a packet of my Winnie Blues in the last 6 frames alone!
His face got whiter the closer he got, made it to ten but 6-10'd in the 11th.
(140-odd the difference).

I had a few too, last year 122-277 (155 the difference), 262-123 (139 the difference) on the last night of the year back in the late 90's - went into a long slump after that.
132-289 (157 the difference) in a State Masters many years ago, felt awful that first game and VERY embarrassed but really found a great line and focussed good the next one, as the day wore on I noticed no one else broke 170 on 1-2 where I shot 132, they were tough.

On a side note, beat an opponent in league last Sunday night 268-50 :eek:
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