Highest Game to Game Difference

I had 160-257-138 in league a few weeks back :(

recenly saw a 132-267-130, but most people were all over the place that day...
About 6 weeks back I went 246 then 148.
2 weeks later started with a 279 then followed it up with a 158.
Consistently inconsistent.


Sean Bowling on Monday subbing for Chris Wingett
Bowled 178 209 111 286
Thats a 175 difference
He was only 13 the day after this
He,ll get more consistant (maybe)
last wednesday i shot mid-140's and then a 267...:p
i gave up on the last half of the 140 game and just made sure i had a line for the next game. i won my money back at least!:)
last night had a 245 - 128 - 201 = 574 series

a total of six splits (big ones) in the second game!

an interesting way to just make my 191 average:p
Don't know if this is true, but - years ago I was told that the great Don Carter once bowled a 714 Series !! So what, you say. ..It was 300 - 300 - 114.
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