2nd game syndrome


Does any else suffer 2nd game syndrome, or just one particular game in their block that seems to die off compared to the others?
I ask this because last night, and also quite regularly, I had this problem. For a post bowl I did prior to my league I threw 223, 139, 221 and 193. Then, during my league, I threw 199, 165, 199, 198. I'm still trying to work out what actually happens during this second game to cause a drop like this.
I'm interested to see if anyone else has this problem.
uhmm i dont, normally my games follows a bell curve, 120 150 180 200+ and then i get tired and it starts falling :p

anyone have bell curve syndrome?
i have second game symdome last week i bowled 251 151, 181and two nights after that 180,160,191,204. wat does happen that second game tht makes us bowl worse then our first? and then pick it up again? does any one know?
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