What is your highest game??

my highest game is 289 in masters last year oh well ill get the 300 soon
my highest game at the moment still stands at 168 hopefully will be smashed soon :D
289 last year, after 25+ years of bowling, left the 10 pin on the 11th ball
Several 279 games

Will I ever get that 300 game,

If I do, I think I'll give up bowling.

You are only as good as your last game
256 had a 143 ave at the time hopefully one day soon it'll be higher. Who knows....
Hay guys, ive thrown 300 3 times so far hoping many more will come some day :angel2:
7/ 9- X X X X X X X XXX = 268 I threw two strikes after that, so i had my 12, just not in the one game, dang...

throwing 230s 240s regularly at the moment, just cant seem to throw the really big ones...

oh well soon :)
My highest was in Aug-2001 at the Gladstone Bowl Centre where I bowled a 244.
I have bowled two in the mid 230's in this last month.
288... front ten flush then tiniest bit high, thought id carry, smack 4-7, nuthin even touched em, 2 pin went dead in the gutter
mate of mine up to the last shot, looked good goin in stone 9!, (left handed) would tear ya heart out
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