What is your highest game??


Just wondering what is everyones highest game that they have bowled??

For me, my high game currently is 258 i want to do better but have to wait and see what the future holds<<<<

;) :cool:
299, damn tenpins!! but stilll have 2 300s in practice, one day maybe? hope the change to roto grip makes one pin difference
well. In a Pre bowl:)..269..it went.. 9/ X X X X X X X X 9/ X(i missed my mark and it went brooklyn:p) lol oh well ill get there one day
244 haven't broken it in almost 3 years. When I got the PB my average was about 155 now its 180 at least i'm getting more consistent.
279- xxxxxxxx9/xxx
277- xxxxxxxx7/xxx
in the same week! just cant get that 9th lol

298 sanctioned...
I've thrown 6 300's in practice now though, I think Im up to number 6.
I just cant quite crack it in league or a tournament.

X 9/ X X X X X X X X X X

The other day i threw a first ball and only took out the 6 , 9 i bet you cant do that lol

A few years back John Constintini shot his first shot of practise and took out the 6, 9 flush. We all laughed and he got up and put the second shot straight through the hole lol. Bought the place down.

278 in tournament ( first game of matchplay at sydney cup 06) 278 in league
and 279 in practice not even in my own state
hey my pb is a 256 and i did it at kedron in the skins not to long ago
x x x x x x x x 9/ 8 1
Jen and Chris will tell you how much Sav I chocked on when I shot this..:p

X X X X X X X X 9/ X X 7....What a sav
First attempt at 300:

XXXXXXXXXXX5 295 hahaha..

Second attempt at 300:


Next closest attempt:

XXXXXXXXXX9/ solid 8 pin 289. B*stard
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