Highest Game to Game Difference

Even the best are human...

George Frilingos, currently bowling in the Melbourne Cup, just bowled a 300, followed up with a 177...

By the way, congratulations on the 300 George!
On wednesday i had a roller coaster ride.

222, 145, 138, 204

Should be on a shelf with great bookends like that. Mustve had a brain explosion or something.
a couple weeks ago bowling in league finals with a avg of 196 bowled a 162, 289, 172. needless to say we lost. :D haha
it was only in practise but its still good, i went 290-121.......
i was happy with the 290 jst didnt tell many ppl how i followed it up
havent had a night like this for a few ys, 180-124-248!!! That'll teach me to try bowl too straight.
last night bowled a 209 300 200 210.

100 pin drop between the 2nd and 3rd.

few weeks ago i shot a 266 followed by a very nice 134:surrender:, 132 pin difference
nothing wrong with that!!, now going 300-146 aint good( i wont say who, otherwise i wont survive my next visit to Mount Gambier!!!!)
I bowled a 210 - 159 - 267 last Friday night at Mt Warren. 108 pins difference between game 2 and game 3.
Can't vouch for the truth of this, but years ago, the story went around about one of the top Pros of 40 Plus years ago, either Don Carter or Dick Webber (Can't remember which), that he once bowled a 3 game 714 Series. So what - you say ? It was 300 - 300 - 114.
dave townsend bowled 156-134-280 in our centre on monday singles 2 weeks ago-difference of 146 between games 2 and 3, and just today in a practicce, Ivo Brighenti bowled 157-227 (i think) and a 277-difference of 120. for the women in our centre, CAroline den Houting takes the cake with a 226-97-148 in our old premier league-129 pin drop lol
211-122-277 last weekend - 155 pin difference.
Had a whole bunch of splits, I left them everywhere, I think there were six oh and I whiffed a 10-pin as well.
Changed balls, went tighter and moved 5 boards deeper next game - 11 out of 12 ;)
Seven days later, I shot 300 with the same ball (188 the previous game). Was in practice so it doesn't count though.
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