Best leave ever?

Bathurst 20 something years ago 1st night of new league
new ball,new shoes; straight bowler then, 2nd frame 1st game.
clipped the 7 pin off the back wall onto the 10 pin left the rest standing
1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9 for the spare
best leave i ever saw, 5,7,10 taken out of a full deck.
my personal favourite, mucking around one day, took 4,8 and 6,9 out of full deck, 9 pin off curtain took out the 4 and 8.
and last night at league, saw right handed bowler leave 4,5,7,8. don't know how
7-9 off a solid pocket to lose a game in league on wednesday night, couple of weeks ago

8-9 off a light hit...

7-9-10 a few years back... off a pocket
The two best leaves I've seen to date would have to be taking out the 6 and 9 from a full deck. I was lucky enough to do that a few months back, didn't touch any other pins and just left everyone laughing in amazement. The other was a young guy I know, usually bowls no thumb with a house ball and gets a nice turn out of it. So got him to try my Anger one night, when straight across the head pin, leaving a 7-8-9-10.
i was bowling in junior nationals, bowling like 21-8, hit the pocket very nicely, like right in there, thought it was my best ball of the games so far, and it left a 6-7 LOL, spared it tho :p
I think my best leaves are when my momentum decides i havn't had a 7-10 split in a while...Lol. And last week first set with my Virtual Gravity, last game, first 4 strikes then smash in the pocket for a 5-10.
Had to laugh....
Conor Quail has had a couple of good leaves lately but last night was a ripper. Light headpin shot and left the 2,4,5,10

Never seen it before in my life and I don't think Conor had either, the look of total confusion on the boys face was an absolute classic.
After placing last in last weekends VSS event at greensy my day was just summed up when in my last block i put the best ball down i'd thrown all day and left 7, 9 and 10....if there was a kid at the bowl saying dad i wanna learn how to bowl id have gladly given him my bag & balls on the way out.........
My little homie Sean Bowling was throwing a nice new Scout/R this arvo. He swung a few way out to gutter and back for some interesting results best of all a 2-6!!!, now thats some entry angle right there.
Gotta love the 5, 7. 10's.... I once saw one of my 'legends' of bowling at Clayfield Bowl one year during the Sunshine Classic ride the 5, 7, 10 (and I mean she "RODE" it 3 lanes)... It was a classic...

Jenni - Who's thinking about picking up the bowling balls again! I must be nuts.
Bowled state champs in vic couple weekends ago and my team mate in doubles first ball of the day left a 5-7-10...

Also at one of the centres I have worked at, during league I was asked to do a pin reset of 4-5-6.... And yes a ball was bowled at it after I had reset the pins...

How does one leave a 4-5-6... It's like impossible? Isn't it?
Matt Dickson at Devonport Bowl. It was a while ago now and when he threw this ball the pins were badly off spot. He hit the 1-3 pocket and took out the 1-3-5-9. The look on his face would have to be seen to be believed.

Honorable mention is Matt Cramond going through the nose at Devonport years ago and leaving the 2-3. Then gapped the 2-3 on his spare attempt :D
I have seen this left a few times and have done it myself... left the 1,3,4,6,7... I have also thrown the second shot through the gap where the 2 pin should have been.
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