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  • hi what time the tornamnet start on sunday
    richard bugeja 0433551005
    first time entry
    Hi Richard,

    We start bowling at 8:30am on the Sunday. Just make sure you're there before then and checked in so that when the practice lights come on you're ready to go.

    Hope you enjoy your first Sport Series!
    Hey Cow,
    I've sent you an email as well but I'll ask here as well. Do you have the dates for the 2013 Sports Series? Is it going ahead? PM or email me to discuss mate.
    Hey Ken, I don't think I've gotten the e-mail. But the 2013 Sport Series will be going ahead, just confirming dates with AMF.
    Hi Stephen.

    Congratulations on your win over the weekend. Just checking to see if you have received the invitation to our Sports Awards/Hall of Fame Dinner on the 19th June. Will you be making the trip down to attend?

    Garry Crick
    Hi Stephen
    Do you have some dates for Sports Series 2010 as yet ?Where & when first one for this year?
    Thanks Rodger
    Hi Stephen. Sandy Wong-See here. I would like to talk to either you or John about the lane draw for Sunday's Sports Series. Could 1 of you please ring me on 0404 895 195 to discuss. Thanks & hope to hear from you soon
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