Most Strikes and Under 200

My best (if I should call it that) 7 strikes for a lovely 190.

before that I think I got 7 strikes and ended up with 193.

Who said 7 is a lucky number?

How about 10 in a row for 258? :)
Last night, second game. Open-open - dammit change balls - sheet. Bummer.
My last game of last year I opened 5 of the first 6 frames with a strike in the middle in the big pot game, changed balls and punched out the last 6 for 174.

7 for 174 ](*,)
Tuesday night had 9 strikes for a 199,the 3 open frames were right in the pocket as well,,,,,:( an only 1 split

The last time i had 9 strikes in a game,was during Walter Deveer in Tassie,an i ended up with a 267,,,,,,,,:rolleyes: :rolleyes: DOH!!!

on friday night for league i bowled a 128 only got 2 strikes in the 1st game and got 3 strikes in the 2nd game and got a 135 game
i'm trying to work out how you can get 9 strikes in a game and not get a 200?

i suppose if you went somthing like

x00x00x00xxxxxx you would end up with a 160 even, yeah?
11 in a game for a 261
front 6 for a 209.

and a mate threw 1 200+ game out of 4 and still bowled over 800 which is a bit of a classic haha.
I've had like 8 strikes in a game for like 169 :confused:
Some lovely completely screwed shots and some lovely splits! let's just say that I wasn't sparing that well that day! ;)
in league last night i got 3 strikes 1 in 3rd frame then 2 in a row in 5th and 6th frames and 4 spares and finished up with a 158 game
haha im gonna dob in daan wijker for this one. he had a 198 with 9 strikes.
highlight was the turkey in the first 3 then a 4 miss. on ya mate :)
A few years back i threw 9 strikes for under 200 :shy:

Cant remember the final score, was in the 190's i think..

Im still reminded about it occasionally too lol... Thanks Gary :tongue:
I finally did one better.. 8 strikes and bowled under 200 :) ...
I think I did that @ Frankston... but then again I bowl ordinary everywhere these days :)
about 6 weeks ago had 8 strikes in a game and shot 177 and in the game after that only had 4 strikes and shot a 200 game and still cant work out how i done it :confused: :confused:
Had 8 strikes in a 199 last Saturday night when I went cosmic bowling.
I think I had two five pin washouts in amongst that lot somewhere and only took one of them both times.
Had no strikes and shot 166 the game after that - woulda been better off throwing a footy at the pins :p
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