Another 900 bowled

Roysa, don't get upset about the Negative people on this site, they grew up in Bowling, in a hard to score period, with Lacquer lanes, it was actually easier to Bowl in the 40's and 50's than the 60's and 70's, because of the surface they Bowled on. All the records that were set in the 40's and 50's were only beaten in the late 80's on Synthetic surfaces. Lacquer could be scored on but it required a lot of maintenance, which I discovered in my latter years working in the Centres.

The Great Dick Webber averaged 230 in League in the 50's, but I'm sure he was not the only one who averaged over 200 in those times, but to the great minds today we have a scoring Plague, but we don't have too many scoring any higher today, why is that? with all the advances in Lanes, Lane Conditioning(so Precise it is Scary), Better Pins, Super Balls, Knowledge, it can only be where you think we have a problem. The only People putting our Game down are Bowlers themselves, nobody in the rest of the World would even know about it, or care for that matter.

It's no point Fighting them, it's all in thier Mind.

Hi Geoff,

thank you for putting some clarification into the topic. And i get where you are coming from regarding turning our perfection into a joke due to how common a 300 game is.

I have bolded some of your comments and im unsure what anyone could do about what people say or how they react to a 300 being bowled. The leagues i have been a part of over the last 2 years have not treated a 300 with a "righto onto the next game" attitude. The 300'er gets congrats from the whole league and the last frame has been met with the league stopping to watch so maybe it is just from my perspective. I dont doubt you are telling the truth and to be honest it is a shame that the achievment of bolwing 300 is met with such a throw away attitude.

There are lots of bowlers out there who wont bowl a 300 even though they will try for years, me included probably and i agree that at the time if it happens id also want it to be recognised as some sort of achievment.

My rant was because im sick of hearing about all of the above, unless someone in the right position can come up with a way to bring back the respect the sport deserves without making it so hard that it scares people off then we are just going around in circles.

Interested to hear others views on what CAN realistically be done and if its worth a trial somewhere.

You have it in 1 there. Unfortunately the people who control bowling are not the ones making the rules. If bowling alleys weren't scared of people running away from their leagues then i'm sure they would do it. Whilst commercial interests come before the sport, both at a centre and equipment level, then the game is only going to change to suit their business environment.
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