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Just made a few minor changes to the forums.

The "Book of Shame" is now on the front page, just underneath the High Game & Achievements forum. The Book of Shame was one of the most popular forums back in the "old" days, as people always liked dropping people in it for leaving a 5-7-10 or a soft and cuddly 8-10 ;)

Also added ball review forums for the following companies:


If anyone has any other suggestions, drop me a post.

Easy Tiger

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Nice change Andrew.

This is just my personal opinion and many may disagree, however I think there are too many subsections now. There is a subsection for just about everything and most people don't venture far enough to see all relevant info. The panel on the right side with recent posts helps, but.. Again just my opinion.

Also I think it may be time to get rid of the front news page as the first thing visitors see. If it was updated regularly I'd say keep it, and in no way having a go about it not being updated as anyone can suggest a story, but it might be better to lead straight into the Forums page.

Just want to take the opportunity to say thanks to Jase for continuing to support the site as well.



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I will be trying to find the way to update the News page, however it's not in the Admin areas I can access at the present time.

I will be in Perth next week for the Interstate Golf Series (Rachuig for golfers ;)) so the following week, I shall see what I can and can't do.

I will be still keeping an eye on things in what little time I have spare, so play nice kiddies :D
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