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HAve notice the change in the header of the site. Just wondering how do we access the live scores section now??


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Just wondering how do we access the live scores section now??
If AMF have pulled out of here, one would assume they want you to go to their website for live scores and won't give TB permission to reproduce them.

To that I say, there is no reason why any person can't sit there at the event and record the scores themselves if you want to, however COPYING the scores off the official scoreboard is questionable.

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The LiveScores section has been used for the latest TotalBowling Touring Circuit Events, I believe the LiveScore sections hasn't been used for any other event for at least a year.

I'm sure the LiveScores section will be back in time for the next TotalBowling Touring Circuit event in 8 weeks time.


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Thanks Stuart....

Yes here is the web address you can use until we install the quick link at in the new header...

As for V-bookie, we are not sure yet as to if it will return...Its a very unsafe add-on to the site and are trying to rectify it with a forum and V-bookie package upgrade...

This is also why the file up-load centre isn't there anymore either...

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