Why Different Balls


i know i have only been back in the sport a little while after a big break and have been out of touch of the technology
but just a question i see a lot of people with a lot of different balls i myself have a couple but tend to only use one sometimes two a night
is it more of an advantage to have 4 - 5 different types of balls drilled with different layouts
have 4 of the same ball drilled with different layouts
I used to wonder the same thing, But thinking about it using different layouts makes the ball roll different, I myself like my ball to roll a certain way and I don't like changing my target line. So by having two different balls with two different cover stocks both drilled to roll the same way I can stay as close to my intented target line just by changing balls on different conditions. But I am only a league bowler and we get a fresh condtion every week so I only have to change a board or two from week to week, and have no real need for a whole range, So I only take a resin and a plastic ball to bowling now.
and to mr change you can get ur ball to roll diferent by just changing pin placement and cg instead of getting another ball and hoping that it rolls different

now i will reply to jason doust is it i think that replied to my original message but it has and my reply been deleted

am i better off having 3 balls of the same ball that i TRUST and drill them different layouts so i am sure that they will react different

or get 3 different balls that are supposed to react different and drill them accordingly and TRUST that they react different
Well double d, i personally like to try different balls because i know different coverstock and weightblock design combination will give me different reactions (if i lay them out reasonably similarly). So simply i like to try different ones until i find a weightblock that i like, and if i do find one, i may buy another one just so i know i have another one to use when the first one dies.
If you are unsure of how each ball will react, you can try and ask your proshop owner or leave a question here and i'm sure some of the gurus here can help you out!
Different balls for different lane conditions, and I like to change the ball sometimes just for the sake of it!
Change is a good thing... and it keeps you on your toes:)
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