11 in a row


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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!

There are obviously some people with toooo many brain cells, and toooo much time on their hands!!!


Monday night just gone I threw 25 of 26 during a 3 game block. Had seven in a row then a nine count to finish game 1, 12 straight in game 2, then front 6 of game 3. Opened 3 frames that night and cost me an 800.


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In 1963, I had 18 in a row for a top game of 279, and a 6 game series of 1526 or 1528 ( forgotten which )
16 pound AMF black rubber ball, drilled over the weight block, so it was close to complete balance.

Oh, if I could do it just once more......Please ??

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On Tuesday night 5 man team league at Kirwan I started with the front 9, only to come up with the bright idea to throw it slightly right only to leave the bucket on the 10th shot for 276.

So Thursday Triples league rolls around and I find myself on the same lanes as Tuesday night. I started the last game with the front 11, and then determined not to leak it right (and with an extra large (actually make that super sized) helping of nerves), I pulled the last shot 2 boards inside and left the 4/9 for a 298.

I have been extremely lucky to have thrown 9 sanctioned 300's but now also have 5 x 299 (3 x 10 pins, 1 x 7 pin and 1 x 5 pin which was originally the bucket) and 2 x 298 (1 x 2/5 and 1 x 4/9)

I once threw 20 in a row in league with no 300 x9/xxxxxxxxxx 280 and then xxxxxxxxxx9- 288

I always though that once you had bowled a few 300's it would get much easier, but I am as nervous now as when I thew my first one in 1996. I think it really highlights the mental aspect of our game, and the need to be able conquer nerves to ensure that the 12th shot is given every chance of success.

A couple of my other career "highlights" have been front 10 then after forgetting to lift the 11th shot 1 left the 1,2,4,6,10 took 3 for a lovely 283 game

Or my personal favourite was the night I went front 9, then F (yes foul)7 for a 254 game.

It's a funny game bowling, but you know what they say "The sweet ain't as sweet, without the bitter", which is my ongoing mantra to get me through the "not so successful" times :)


Last night went 9/ 9/ XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX9/9 in the first two games. Ended up shooting 814.
first 2 were flush 10 pins, and flush 9 pin in tenth frame of second
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