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  • Hi Micheal.
    i dont want to upset anyone, but
    whats going on with bowling balls australia ?
    been waiting for 10 weeks for gear, over $500 worth
    max not replying to messages and phone always off
    Hi Micheal,
    I seem to have a problem, can you e-mail me via
    Liase via e-mail

    Cheers Fin
    yeah mate i can drop down on Saturday morning. See if we can get the roll on this ball right. Cheers
    hi mate can you drop down saturday morn i would like to try somthing with the case of the solid to give you the reaction you wont out of the ball ?
    I currently have the Kegel Sports series patterns, but the tend to break down quite quickly over six games. The 4 patterns would be fantastic as it would challenge my bowlers on a heavier volume. I'll find out what Kegels we have here and get back to you.

    Cheers for your help thus far.

    I have current patterns for Authority 22 machine only. My Kegal versions are about 3 years old. If you're running the sports series over there it would make more sense to use the Kegal Navigator sports patterns available from the kegal website. I am happy to pass on the older patterns if you want. Just let me know what model machine you need them for (transfer brush or roller etc.)
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