11 in a row

i had a 300 aeons ago in 1993 - first game of the night. First shot afterwards was the big 5 (4-6-7-8-10) - the rest of the evening I struck on the right hand lane but didn't manage a strike on the left hand lane for a 670 odd series without a 200 in.

returned to bowling last yeara after 14 years off ... had 279 early in the season - pocket 7-10 to start and a 296 towards the end ... washout last shot.

i bowled doubles with a leftie called Nick Froggatt - who was #2 in europe for a while ... he had an 858 set:
9/xxxxxxxxxxx (7 pin)
9/xx9/xxxxxxxx (7 pin then flush 9 pin)
xxxxxxxxxxx9 (7 pin)
it was possibly the most unbelievably set i've ever seen (or am likely to see). My contribution was a whopping 523 ... it was (obviously) tough on the right.

some other "no bottle" scores of merit from the UK (i've just moved):
At AMF Newcastle the house record was (for years - til about 1993?) 295 by a junior who completely lost it with the last shot (back in the days when 300's were rare).
a guy called Leon Devlin shot 294 at the British Nationals a couple of years back - took the 1-2-5-8 off the pack.
The UK series record is 877 (299, 299, 279) by Martin Chapman - front 6 in the last game.

There are some funny stories in this thread
1984 I went last 4 in game 1 - 300 in game 2
then front 5 in game 3

went back to back 279's in 1987 then 210

5 x 299 games 2x7 pins, 1x 8 pin, 1x9, 1x 10 pin
1974 as a junior i shot 296, funny now, not then !!

Last year 9 pin bag out 290

Its a fun game at times
1x 300
2x 299s - 1x 10 pin, 1x 9 pin
1x 298 - cant remember what i left

My best is 19 in a row
Game 1: 10 pin spare, 10 pin spare, bag out,
Game 2: Front 9 then 10pin spare 10 pin.
Back to back 279s

followed by a 239
just missing my 800 with a 797
When I was 15 or so, I finished with back 8 and then the front 5. I think I shot 675 that day.

2 weeks ago I went x x x 9- x x x x x xxx

Worst part was, I left a cold 9 pin. Admittedly, I should have made the spare but I was a bit pissed off.

Back about 10 years ago I went 9/ 9/ for the first 2. Punched out for a 279. Then 2nd game the first 9 then 9/9

Back 279 - 278 and 19 strikes in a row
Yes it is heartbreaking.

My first really big game, I threw the front 11 then left a 8-10 split on the last ball.
Last week i was bowling horribly for the first 2... couldnt hit the side of a barn.

Then the 3rd game i bowled a 298.... last shot, as soon as i released the ball i knew it was horrible and dont even know what i left.
I have had 3 800+ series this year two of them did not have a 300. My best is 22 in a row. The 837 series (no 300) had 31 strikes I think I had 2 cold eight pins in that too. But that's bowling. In all the the 300 I have bowled (8 of them) I have had lucky strikes. Never bowled a 290 something either.
I've seen someone bowl a 293 scratch don't know what he was thinking but he decided to chang balls on the last shot and the ball didn't come back
......it was funny... he quit shortly afterwards
I've left the 6-10-7 in the 1st, taken the 6+10, then off the sheet for 279 a couple of times now.... Had 11 in a row for 279, 290, 298, 299. Still no 300 :(
I feel your pain, Andy. Last week during league I left a cold 8 pin, spared, and then went off the sheet for 290. Followed up with the front 5, then a 10 pin (the 7 fell late), spared and went off the sheet for a 279. FFS!
I've left a 3 pin for my final ball; current high game of 299.

I did however; have a stunning 240 game with X X X X X X X X FF X X X ....... Dunno wtf I was doing; but both fouls were strikes too!!! :(
A few weeks ago I had back 7, front 9, didn't look like missing pocket, in,the 10th frame FELL OVER at the foul line, left a bucket and chopped 2. 16 in a row, then literally fell to pieces ;)
I've done the unofficial perfect game. 8miss, 11 in row, then started the next game with a strike.

A guy at Norwood (in South Australia) last night, bowled the last 6 and then the front 6. Walked around telling everyone he'd bowled a perfect game!!

A good effort for a 170 average bowler, but a perfect game??
The good old "Claytons 300... The 300 you have when you don't have a 300", I've had a few of those... But I'm obviously not alone there...
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