NSW STORM Sport Series Event #6 (Back to '85 event)

Discussion in 'NSW Storm Sport Series' started by da_cowman, Nov 23, 2015.

  1. da_cowman

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    Hi Everyone,

    After talking with Andrew Frawley at Shellharbour Bowl and looking at the events around our final event, we decided to move our final Sport Series event to another date.

    This event will take place on the 16th-17th of January, at Shellharbour Bowl. For the first time we'll be having a two day event. Qualifying squads will take place on Saturday and Sunday, and our top 15 will progress to a 7 game matchplay final.

    We will be running 3 squads for qualifying:
    Squad 1 - 12:00pm
    Squad 2 - 3:00pm
    Squad 3 - 9:00am
    Matchplay will start at 12:00 on Sunday.

    Each squad will be 5 games, and the first squad will be $85 and a second attempt will be $60.
    We are also going to run this as an event with only Plastic and Urethane balls allowed. The pattern will be 10mls, oiled to 36 feet.

    We are also annoucing a Prizefund based off of 40 entries:
    1st 400
    2nd 250
    3rd 200
    4th 180
    5th 170
    6th 160
    7th 150
    8th 140
    9th 130
    10th 120
    11th 110
    12-15th 100

    As always, I'll be accepting entries through here and on Totalbowling. Just don't forget to tell me which squad you'd like to be in!

    Thanks, Cow
  2. jason_doust

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    Haha! Nice... There's a bit of excitement about this in Canberra. I might have to dust off and re-slug some old rocks!

    In keeping with "back to 1985" and a 10ml pattern are we going to ban the adjustment of ball surface after the first shot of competition?

    After all, sanding a ball during play was cheating in 1985.
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  3. Vince Romeo

    Vince Romeo New Member

    Hey cow
    Can you put me in squad 3 please
    Thanks Vince

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