TWIN TOUR at LOGAN CITY TENPIN - 13/14th February

Hey Mary,

Decided to come back to bowling, had enough time off. Can you put me down for squad c please. logan has my average as that is were i bowl.


Attaching current squad list at 23rd Jan ..... great start for the 2010 season. Please note that B Squad (Sun. 14th 8.00am) is now full with reserves. Anyone wishing to swap or unable to attend, please advise as soon as you can as it would be nice to confirm the reserves.

Information on the Tour is available on or please contact me if you have any further enquiries.

Mary Flower
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Hey Mary,

Could you please put Adum Willersdorf in reserve for B squad. i'll find out if he will bowl a different one and let you know.
I will have to come along so we can catch up.

hi mary my first time doing the twin tour can you add christopher thompson for A squad thanks
Hi to all Twin Tour supporters - All those bowlers who wish to participate in the Qld State Training Squad - you will have noted that there is a clash in dates with the twin tour for March 13 and 14th- Bowlers wishing to participate in the Qld State Training Squad should still nominate but indicate the 28th & 29th August as their date of their prefered booking.
Regarding the State Training Squad [/B]- I have omitted to include the fact that the March dates set for the State Training Squad was to suit sponsors, and the calendars of 5 State committees plus the National coach and national ranking tournaments. TBAQ do not want to be in conflict with dates set on the TBAQ calendar so 2 dates have been nominated and the second date for SQ will be negotiated for the State Training Squad after feedback from bowlers and tournament promoters. South Qld have the opportunity to go to EITHER the March date or suggest a suitable date for the August STS - which is being discussed presently the 28th and 29th August this year will most likely be the second date offered to SQ bowlers. All Juniors, Youth, Adults and Seniors please let me know which would suit best. There is no conflict with the TBAQ calendar as the bowlers may choose which STS date they will take up PLUS indicate the month on their nomination form.

TBAQ do not want to deflect bowler participation from any of our wonderful tournament promoters who do a wonderful job each year. When nominating please indicate which program date would suit best.

Thank you

I would like to thank Gail for clarifying the information posted regarding the date clash with the Qld State Training Squad - I am sure there will be Twin Tour bowlers interested.

Glad to see the numbers creeping up over 130+ for the first Tour Stop of the year. It does make tournament organizers lives much happier if our hard work is rewarded - thank you to the bowlers who continue to support and to those new bowlers who want to 'give it a go'. Don't hesitate to contact me for any info. or queries you may have, to change squads or perhaps withdraw (hope not!) - also visit

Attaching squad list at 3rd Feb.

Mary Flower
Ph: 3865 8887
email: [email protected]
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Hi Mary,
Can you remove David Bottomley & Nigel Boulton from "A" Squad as we won't be able to make it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
hi mary just to let you know agian Tony Roffey and Aden Roffey down for A squad

Thank you very much sorry for the late notice
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