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  • Hi Mary, My brother Trent Bosel is still a Queenslander. I am a Queenslander still at heart, it's just that I live in N.S.W. these days.
    Hi Mary,
    I would like to pay a deposit for the Kegel QLD Open, is there an account in which I can direct deposit into?

    Can you please add Darrin Comrie and Kylie Waddell to B squad for Caboolture 7th November.

    Did you know that is Kylie's birthday. She is getting LOD.

    Ha HA Darrin.
    Hi Mary, Due to work, would i be able to change my my squad from Saturday to Sunday morning? Regards Darin McDermid
    Hi Mary,
    Can you please put myself, Ian Phelan & Christine Titheradge down for Twin tour Sat A squad 15th August.
    Cindy Phelan
    hi there marry just looking at the squd list for this weekend just makeing shore you have me down for the c squd
    hi Mary, MY name is paul calam and iam would like to find out more about the twin tour like dates and how can i join.thank you
    Hi Mary,

    Great meeting you at Caboolutre bowl on the weekend, I have tried to find the entry forms for the twin tour but have not had much luck.

    If you can help me find them or tell me where I get my hands on one that would be great.

    Thank you
    Mark Davidson - Former Hervey Bay Jnr bowler
    mary flower i bowled a 299 i can remember watching you bowling on the coca cola tenpin classic i have it on video at home
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