the 300 game league



300 Game Phantom league is forming at Kelmscott Tenpin Bowl

cost: $8.00 per game ($4.00 linage $4.00 prize fund) Contract League
Entry fee $50 (must be paid before bowling game 50)
When: 300 games must be completed by 9:00 pm 29 February 2008

Point Format
1 point per 10 pins
15 points for every game over average
25 points for games more than 25 pins over average
Highest league average as at 31 March will be used for the firsat 9 games

one prize will be paid for every 4 bowlers that compelte the 300 games

A bowler may play any number of games in one session, but is limited to 4 games on one pair of lanes.

A leaderbord will be updated on a weekly basis.

All interested bowlers please contact Ian Jones
at Kelmscott Tenpin Bowl 9399 4400
300 games would equate to about 6 games a week, 200 games would equate to 4 games a week on average
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