Lane #1 Mark Roth Signs with Lane#1


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I want to congratulate Mark Roth for signing with Lane #1 to our Pro Staff. Lane #1 is changing the game of bowling with our patented diamond core and Mark Roth "changed the game of bowling" in the late 70's early 80's with his high rev, cranker style. This is a perfect match for Mark Roth and Lane #1.

Mark will be bowling the new GBT Generations Bowling Tour, which features all of the top PBA stars of the past. There will be over 30 events on the GBT Tour, starting in Oct. has all the info you'll need for the tour. Mark will be seen driving around the Lane #1 Hummer H3 to all the events and will be available for autographs upon request.

According to Mark, "I've used Lane #1 equipment in the past on the Senior PBA Tour and I really liked the hitting power the balls provided. Richie has great knowledge of the game of bowling. This will help when deciding on equipment as well as which layouts to use. The increased dynamics that the diamond core provides will help my pin carry, allowing me to win again on the Tour." I'm really excited about bowling again!".

Any questions for mark can be sent to

Mark, good luck on the Tour and welcome aboard.
Mark is a legend of the game. He sucessfully introduced and dominated an era with awesome power! Combined with the most powerful cores on the market, its hard not to see him succeeding!

Great news for Lane#1!


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This will be good exposure for Lane#1 and it's good to see some of the veterans are still around.

Good luck Mark!
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