Kevin Blackmore

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Black Pearl blue ocean what a great ball. Never heard a ball hit the pins with such a loud crack. Pin carry is awesome. Reads the lane early and holds it's momentum going into the pocket. Thank's Dino Margiolas.
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I see a lot of Lane masters at my home centre, their balls seem to hold up well to wear and tear, their just not as flashy as the storm and co's, I would like to see them get on the pba with a few pros and get their balls out their in the media


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My understanding the lane masters/lord field brand is aimed at the every day league bowler. Rather than pay exorbitant pba fees more trying to focus on improving league bowlers. Great gear by the way.

Kevin Blackmore

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The Lane master brand is aimed at all levels of bowling. The only difference is the lane master balls will keep on working were as your run of the mill balls such as Storm, Hammer etc will only last for 100+ games before you throw them away as I did with a Storm IQ tour edition just over 100 games.
I would recommend Lane Master to everyone.
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