Back to basics series - could we do it?

I must have been mad because I actually agree with Michael. Sports patterns make you a better player but house conditions are way more fun to bowl on. Bowlers have liked easier conditions but a combo of both works well. The league I bowl in has four conditions over the year and is split with a handicap and scratch section.
. I saw that oiling technology was closing in on ball technology and maybe bowling could be saved from the "I can't hook the ball" mob. Just maybe...

These type of quotes annoy me greatly. I only have my middle finger that can lift a ball due to a severe ring finger dislocation a few years ago. I now use a wrist guard and also don't get masses of hook anymore, so does the sport need to be saved from me!!!!!!

It is all about accuracy. You want to hook it great! You don't, then don't! It is all about the score at the end of the day, regardless of the ball type, oil patters, wood, synthetics, we are all on the same playing field and the person who adapts and works it out and is the most accurate on the day or weekend wins!!!! It is that simple.

Am curious to see how the poly ball event goes though, would love to bowl in this 1!!

Good luck all
Just a last minute reminder that tomorrow is the Plastic Ball event. We will definitely be taking entries on the day.
The event is at MacArthur and full information can be found in the Ebonite Sport Series Forum.

Be great to see you there!

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