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  • Hi Belinda

    Sadly I predicted this day after three phone conversations with Gillian. That person who ends at the top this time has a mountain of work in front of them. I hope all is well in your life and your health is just wonderful.


    Hi Belinda -

    whats the go with the Caboolture squad for ATBSO - taking everyone as they come seeing as it is only the one squad?

    Hi Belinda, was just wondering if you and Peter were able to bowl Silly Season Doubles on Sunday morning at 8.30am check in .... Batesy (or staff) made a big boo boo and we can only have 12 lanes in the afternoon so I need to move 4 teams .... Broni and Jagga, Animal and Carol have moved so far. If you are unable to do so, no panic as I still have some options up my sleeve but thought I would ask those reasonably close first.

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