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  • Hi Shayne

    I can do Reactive 11 and 12 pound Denver Reactive in Swirl Blue/Pink, Swirl Blue/Blue, Swirl Black/ Purple (gorgeous) at $165 NEW.

    Please contact me at

    This is better.


    hey there....just wondering what type of bowling ball it is and prices......the ball is for my wife, she's about to start bowling reactive for the 1st time
    Hi Lewis

    I have sent you an email to

    Everything would be ok, but I am on my way out the door right now, just about to log off and got this email.

    Busy tomorrow morning, can I call you tomorrow arvo or evening?



    logging off now. bye
    Hey geoff just wondering once my finger is better there is a tournement wen i come back just wondering if you could give me some coaching before the tournement n we can fix my bowling balls


    Ok I need to plug it, are you talking about Thursday 16th April, if so tell me when you will be here (time)

    I am in Belmont, about ten minutes from Warners Bay Superstrike. You have to go through Belmont to get to Warners Bay. Send me your phone number.

    Mine is 49458585 (This is best) or 0403 093 565


    yeh im actually bowling nationals at newcastle this week , so if i come up on thursday would i be able to buy it n if you wouldnt mind drill it?
    yes and in great condition. I can also plug and drill if you would like to come to Newcastle for a short trip.

    I coach and drill bowling balls for Ann-Maree Putney
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