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    Thanks for the score updates.
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    Analysis and Keys of the 2-handed style bowler

    This was very informative and well put together. Great for the up and coming two handed bowlers as it will teach them properly how to master this formidable technique. Thanks for another great find John. I'm not converting to this technique but have tried it and now I know where I was going...
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    Thank you Animal Proshop

    I would like to thank Lawrie for the first and hopefully not the last Hammer Ball Demo day held at Ballarat, Vic. It was a great success and Lawries expertise and knowledge was fantastic. I hope he enjoys his Pizza tonight. We had aproximately 30 bowlers turn up to try the gear on offer and...
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    14lb Balls For Sale

    All Balls have now been SOLD. Thanks to all that have enquired.
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    14lb Balls For Sale

    Price drop on balls need to ship them to a new home. Track 716c, 919c now $50.each Track 930t now $20 Visionary Slate blue gargoyle you pay postage.
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    14lb Balls For Sale

    For Sale Track 716c 1st Drill $80 Track 919c 1st Drill $80 Track 930t 2nd Drill $40 Visionary Slate Blue Gargoyle 1st Drill $40 Robby's Revs II R/H Wrist Positioner $40 All Balls DO NOT INCLUDE Postage Please PM me for any details or phn Lyndon on 0434667737
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    TotalBowling Upgrade

    I put my answer in the wrong forum as I put it in comments. But it looks great and well done to all involved.
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    New Look

    I'd like to Congratulate all involved on this really Fantastic new site look. Looks great and very easy on the eyes and works well. Well done team on another Fantastic Effort for a great site for a great sport. Lyndon
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    Understanding the value of a good spare game

    Personally I try to keep all my deliveries the same even with my plastic spare ball but it is hard as my approach speed alters therfore alters my ball speed as well. Still working with my coach on all this as I need to not use too much effort and need to stop driving the ball and let the swing...
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    Understanding the value of a good spare game

    I was taught that Spares are more than Half your game and that Strikes are a bonus. Most bowlers I know throw the ball at spares slower than their strike ball as they know how important closed frames are. Really good find John Thanks.
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    Breakdown and Carrydown – Then and Now

    This was a Great read and very interesting indeed. Thanks Scott.
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    Track 811A & 503C

    I have a 503c which is great on Medium to dry, I also have a 716c for Medium conditions and a 919c I use on Medium to Heavy And last but not least a 930t for Heavy. Great balls all of them and very predictable to read down the lane as they dont have the Big Snap on the Backend like other HP Balls.
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    Well done People on the fast turn around after the Meltdown. Thats Technology for you. With the amount of TRAFFIC the SERVER has it s doing a Fantastic job. Keep up the GREAT work of keeping all Bowling Fans around Australia & Abroad Informed on Our Favourite Sport.
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    2012 VIC 150 & AUSTRALIAN OPEN

    If Bowlers want to know what pattern was used it is on the TBA website. The pattern was the WTBA Montreal and when I watched some of the bowlers on Saturday Some had line changes and also ball changes to find the right line. Congrats to AMP and Ben for being the most consistent bowlers over the...
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    2012 VIC 150 & AUSTRALIAN OPEN

    Thanks for the updates Sue. Great job as always.
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