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Are you happy to pay a smaller entry fee and bowl in events that only payout to the top 5 positions?

  1. Yes - payout 1 in 4 entrants

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  2. Yes - but payour top 3 positions

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  3. Yes - pay out top 5

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  4. No - Larger payouts are needed.

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Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Robin Hood

    Robin Hood New Member

    I am looking for information from the bowling community. I am trying to organise some competitions and want to attrack as many local bowlers as possible. As we all know getting sponsorship funding is really hard and especially for a sport that does not get any realtime coverage in local media.
    What do Bowlers really want.
    Are bowlers happy to pay less for entry fees and ultermitly have either small prize pool or less positions paid out or do bowlers only want to bowl if the prize pool is large. I know this is a juggling act but I want to hear from bowlers to get their views.
    I am looking at local events here not a Nationally ranked event.

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