Whats your best memory of Fairlanes?

deaf lefty

deaf lefty
Myself never never forget forget one usually thing to me on the Fairlane City lane when thunderstorm hit Perth in usual morning three times on March 1997-It was for our National Deaf Championship.

Our feet was fault line on lane 1 & 2 twice times when light went off at time of bad thunderstorm.

It would gave me extra strike but it was fault line what thunderstorm light scared at us!!

It was on single event-myself bowled 222 (should be more as over 240 or as 250.

Next mid-Morning thunderstorm hit The Fairlane City light off again once time at time of myself bowled on lane 3 & 4 for team event...our feet touched fault line again what **** missed 200 score!!.

It was in part of Special 15th anniversay on Our National Deaf Championship.Note: 6 games each event (single, double or team) as total 18 games.

Myself never forget about the Fairlanes city lane is really great one when myself bowled 7 or 8 times over 200's (top game 240) from approx 42 games in two different time in same year 1997.

It gave more nice atmostphere around inside what myself love it very much as one of our favorite brunwick lane.

So missed the belovely Fairlanes City lane !!!


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Ah no Sue. Say it ain't so! I worked in fairlanes on a work visa in 2000 and have such fond memories of the place and particularly the people. Gary and Sue had a fantastic team and made me feel like part of the fairlanes family from day one. I actually still have my 2 uniforms 17 years and a few hundred thousand miles later. I was really hoping to bowl a strike again there some day and catch up with old friends and to see how sues son grew up.


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