What is ur weirdest ever nickname and why?

mine3 would be blocker cause of da size i am , boofhead cause im such a fricon boof and G.L.R well nats 04 we went into this pizza shop really late at night and this drunk bum came up 2 da team and gave us name cause i was da shortest and most annoying he called me GAY LITTLE RODENT.... so yeah they are my nicknames
little stax - coz stax is my dad and i look like a little him.

spax (from kristen) - coz of stax... and im spastic, so... spax

stevo - at skool, my last name is stevens

fatty - my best friend... i dunno y tho, im not fat, and i call her fatty and she is twig like. its jus our thing:)

panda - coz my name is amanda... and manda panda ... u know...

randy mandy - my other besties dad gave me this name becasue im always with a guy.
ok pretty much all stem from my last name, Crisp..
(as in Linford Christie)
and then there's coz of my first name, Brendan..
Spoon (that soup ad)
and coz i had spikey hair spoon became..
Spork (ie cross between fork and spoon. and yes i know it's meant to be a splade or something but hey..)
Lightbulb- red hair, nuff said.

Gothic lightbulb- buggered if i know where they thought up gothic from

Condom- by unfortunate chance, my name... S.heath... ie sheath, ie condom. *Sigh*

And Squip, or squippy my fave. Only really used online. Found the word Squiptar on a sign somewhere. No idea what it means, but sounds funny as.
i just thought of one these weird kids made up for me . Tampon, coz my name is tamara :mad: :mad: :mad:
Hey there!

I have had many nicknames in the past; some were normal, others, well that's another story. lol

here we go: dan, danni, danno, hughesy, hughesy spewsy (easy to figure out why!), ralph! lol (I was 15 at the time going to an 18th and I was meant to be kept under supervision with the amount of alcohol being involved but by the time my mum arrived, I had already passed out!) lol - I was pretty sick the next day. umm, other names I've been called are: Dee Dee, and Ducky (don't know why! ask Matty C)

For some reason my friends decided to call me the Squid and 4 years later I am still trying to figure out why.
I copped cocopops all the way through juniors.

It stemmed from my initiation into the brissy team which involved a shower cap, cocopops and everything else the lads could find in our motel room. It was a nasty brown colour, they assured me there was no fecal matter present so I didn't put up too much of a fight :D

Nell weir picked a cocopop out of my hair during the tournament, she didnt know what to say hehe
When i was in Juniors, i had many a nickname, but nothing stuck like Barbie.

Not that i am a Barbie, but i was interested in a person called Ken and we became great mates. So all of our friends called us Ken and Barbie...
heh when i was in high school due to drastic changes in hair colour and mood swings i was called tiger and spider
But yeah i also have Shellby but no shelby ford cos i dont like fords...
But shellby has stuck :) thanks busta :)
I've got a few..

Lick- when you pronounce my name (Alicia) by the letters it sounds out to be 'A-Lic-I-A' <-- I had this put on the back of my yr 10 shirt n my friends just shortened it to Lick..

Sleasha- Thanks Skatie!!

Sha ka ka- Some people got drunk at the uni village that I now live in and they were giving out nicknames. I'm not sure how they came up with Sha ka ka tho..

and TP ie Ten-Pin another 1 from the village coz I'm always away for bowling..

Ronzemburger...Ronzem for short. I used to be called that at primary school, and I really don't know why. Still get called it occasionally.


Rowey :p
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