What is ur weirdest ever nickname and why?



Well i am new as u can probably tell but i am just curious on what your weirdest nicknames ever like for example in my firste eva year of bowlin which was 3 years ago my nickname was Schnikars because apparently that was mi favourite chocolate bar back then and people thought it had a ring to it... Yea right! :cool: Anyway i hope i can find out wat ur weird nicknames are :)
i have a few nicknames i have critters i would say thats the weirdest one cause i don't know how i got it i think from cricket i also have CC and first 2 letters of my first and last name start with C and i also have Malcolm i got that from Hockey 2 yrs ago since i was told i look like malcolm from malcolm in the middle. and castle which i got from NNSW at President Shield in 04
i have 3, r2d2, penguin, oompa loompa, y bcause i'm short and round and walk like a penguin hee! hee!
My weirdest nickname would have to be moose. I don't know why, I was having a conversation with a mate and I asked him what I was and he called me a moose. It's kinda stuck for everything now. I know too many other Becs so if someone calls out moose, I know it's for me.
I have three weird nicknames which are the Random Suspect Chicken, Chooken and Henry! but they all have there own special meanin! i get called Chooken coz at a tournament i was bowling in they were calling me Chicken then Jacinta screamed out Chooken! My Nickname Henry i got coz i was wearing a bowling shirt with Henry on the back and i wouldnt answer to my name so they screamed out Henry and i turned around!! but my nickname Random Suspect Chicken i dont no y or how i got that nickname Jodee just gave it to me!!

From Chooken!!
bitchy lil brunette said:
well mine is yoda.. i dont know why.... apprently i look like him lol which is kinda scary!

Perhaps because you like and often wear fluoro green clothes?

Just a thought ;)

Or perhaps it's the height thing as well!

But it's ok, you make a really good substitute for the real thing ;)
i have 4, 1 from my school days back in bendigo was russell fat lips, 2 was rocky shoulders because when i laugh my shoulder rock up and down, 3 is tinka bell because i finish on one foot when bowling and last is flintstone because of my first name being fred.
Well, there is Snowcone...
Dont know how, dont know why...One of my friends one day goes "You are a Snowcone..." and that was that.
Another would be Iran...simply because when said backwards, Karas name sounds like 'Iraq' so we called me Iran...lol
Last one for now is Refinnej...which is my name said backwards, so we shortened that to Nej.

PEANUT, is mine.... got it back in year 5, from my cuz... has stuck even since!

Dopey has bn mine for years. Since about 1996 i guess. Simply because we had shirts made up for our bowling team airbrushed with the 7 Dwarfs bowling on them. Since i got first pick, i picked Dopey. The name has never gone away but i don't care, it suits me. I still have the shirt too!
Ciao. Darren
Hammer if you stop standing in front of the mirror and turned the cassette player from under your pillow off, i bet you wouldnt hear it at all.

Besides since the end of the Sport Series your better know as " Pearson's $500 B#*@H ".:rolleyes:

and still DB3 :p

p.s Hey Speggars , That was a pretty good catch of a DUMB BASS on a Mark Ramsey line!! In record time to i believe too!!:eek:
Mine would have to be Moosey.
At Rocky in 2005 we were at Sizzlers and they didnt have hardly any good food like they usually do so I had chocolate moose for lunch and i went to get a drink and Ian Phelan and Gracey Rivas stuck a potato wedge in my moose and when I went to eat it I was like 'Guys whats in my moose" and I ended up pulling this huge wedge out of the bowl with my spoon! It was so funny. That was one of the best pranks ever I reckon. So the rest of the tournament everyone in the team called me Moosey hehe :cool:.
my only random/weird nickname i got is Fleckool, or fleckle, or however you spell it, alot of people call me that from school
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