Sth Coast Open Results


The qualifying positions for the Sth Coast Open after 10 games @ AMF Warrawong;

1. Neil Donnelly +479
2. Jason Belmonte +471
3. Andrew Lloyd +455
4. Tony Murray +362
5. Shane Johnson +317
6. Don McRae +303
7. Michael Little +299
8. Shaun Cummings +282
9. David Hansen +269
10. Paul Delaney +263
11. Sam Romeo +259
12. Peter Robinson +249
13. Jarrod Lean +247
14. Robert Townsend +236
15. Ross Sanson +234
16. Sue Cassell +224
17. Katie Kotteakos +217
18. Stephen Cowland +215
18. Christian Purdue +215
20. Matt Francis +212
20. Chris Slattery +212
22. Len Selems +209
23. Jamie Kyriacou +204
24. Glen Anderson +202
25. Matt Sofia +174
26. Shaun O'Hara +155
27. Bronwyn Robinson +142
28. Mark Lane +136
29. Brad Douglass +133
30. Matt Riley +131
31. Ken McLachlan +124
32. Bobby O'Reilly +108
33. Matt McRae +81
34. Steve Lovell +78
35. Stuart O'Neill +70
36. Drew Charlton +59
37. George Frilingos +51
38. Richie Franco +44
39. Andrew Blissett +35
40. Jacko Psomas +6
41. Glen Loader +4
42. Alan Shepherd +2
43. Steven Smith -14
44. Nick Sofia -22
45. Glenn Rowland -34
46. Andrew Willis -88

High Games
300's to Neil Donnelly & Andrew Lloyd
299's to Shane Johnson & Ken McLachlan
289's to Jarrod Lean, Ross Sanson & Matt Sofia
TWO perfect games in the South Coast Open not only helped Orange's Jason Belmonte win the tournament but also etched his name in the record books.

Belmonte has now bowled 17 300 games to equal Andrew Frawley's record as the most by an Australian bowler.

The 20-year-old also became the second person in Australia to bowl two 300 games in a tournament in one day.

Belmonte bowled both his perfect games in yesterday's match play at Warrawong but said the focus was more on catching the bowlers in front of him than the 300s.

"I was bowling very well," Belmonte said.

"The lane conditions were extremely easy but I felt good as well. I was too busy trying to catch the guys up front to think about what I was bowling."

The 300s came at the right time for Belmonte after he bowled a poor opening game yesterday.

Six games later Belmonte bowled his first 300 to move him up the ladder.

"Right at the every end I bowled the other one to put me out of reach," Belmonte explained.

Not only did he bowl two perfect games, Belmonte bowled them within an hour of each other.

Belmonte and Frawley shared the record previously when they both had 15 300 games but Frawley bowled another in Australia and then one more last week overseas giving him the record.

Belmonte is pleased to have equalled the record at 17 but said he would rather win a tournament than bowl a perfect game.
Sorry Wayne but there are some other people you are forgetting about,

4 people have bowled 2 x 300 games in one day in the same tournament,

Stephen Best in 1998 I believe at the Caboolture open
Carl Bottomly in 2002 at Richlands
Me in Canberra in 2001
Now Belmo

(not to mention Derek Adams who bowled back to back 300's in league)

I'm pretty sure Carl is around the 17-20 figure as well. There are several bowlers with +12 300 games in QLD including Stephen Best (retired), me, Brando, Laurie Hill and Carl. Frawls also bowled 300 just a few days ago in Thailand which would take his tally to 18 now :D

Some interesting scores were thrown on the weekend, at one stage Mick Little had 1114 for 4 games and was still behind Belmo :D

Never the less it was a great power display, apart from the 174 opener, his lowest game was 231. Like we've said all along, the best bowlers still come to the top in the end, no matter what the pattern!

Darwin this weekend and things will be a little tighter and a little wetter. Let's see if the scoring fest continues for another week!
Forgot to mention there were 6x300's in total over the course of the weekend

Andrew Lloyd x 2
Belmo x 2
Michael Little x 1
Neil Donnely x 1

As well as 2 x 299's and a few 290 games

Matchplay final results

1st Belmo
2nd Tony Murray
3rd Michael Little
George...That wasn't a story I was taken directly off the internet. So don't blame me for any mistakes LOL

I'm eligible for Australian citizenship next week. Will that make me the leading Australia 300 games shooter (35 300 games)
Billy as well

I know Billy Gardiner bowled two in Perth as well but I'm not sure if it was in a day or the weekend. And of course Tim did it last year at SPC.
The 3:1 pattern applied at TBA rankings Events would be an ideal condition.

You could even vary the patterns a little from tournament to tournament. I have been saying this all along. Make it harder!

I bowled extremely well at Warrawong, only opening four frames which included 2 7/10 splits from pocket, a 4/6 split (high shot) and a missed single pin in the eleventh frame of a game. the result is I missed the final by 9 pins.

Now I still could have missed the final if condition was tougher but I know with my experience on tougher patterns that I would have made the final with my performance that day.
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