Names from the past, where are they now?


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Whatever happened to some of the prominant and great tournament names that have disappeared from the bowling scene over the years? Names like:
Ian Bradford
Mark Malloy
Gary Jeffrey
Silvano Prez
Brenton Manning
Fred Allsopp
Peter Van Kempen
Eric Thompson
Ron Powell
Len Hogg
Frank Ryan
Terry Wenban
John Sullivan
Kevin Harding
Brian Bridges
Mark Ramsay
Geoff Bowness
Harold Fryer
Kevin Quinn
Greg Brooks
Paul McCammon
Tony Rodrick
Steve Kiss
Peter Zambelis
Jim Ferguson

Ruth Guerster
Leanne Moyle
Barbara Richmond
Debbie Biviano
Del Da Re
Danielle McAdam
Kat Willeme
Trish Kourtesis
Liz Van Der Horst
Cheryl Munson

What ever happened to these people?
Feel free to list others.


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tiger dude cheryl is still on the scene of bowling, she helps me via the net occasionally with my game, she is in the coaching scene from what I hear pretty heavily and still bowls too, but I ain't sure on how much


Tiger, I can help with three of the bowlers mentioned;
Peter Zambelis is the new manager of Mayfield Bowl, recently brought from AMF by Terry Maher and family, Peter unfortunately suffered a stroke a few years ago, which affected his right side, he still occasionally throws a ball and hates being beaten, also Terry should be on your list aswell, he is suffering from very painful arthritis to his fingers of his right hand but he still manages to bowl three times a week and is going over to England to bowl in the British Open as he won a spot.
Geoff Bowness had a car accident a few years ago and does'nt bowl anymore but still coaches, with pupils like Ann-Maree Putney.


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Terry Maher :idea: - I was trying to remember his name, a really good bloke.
I bowled against him at a tournament many, many years ago.
A true gentleman.



Harold Fryer will be Captain of the QLD Mens Open Eastcoast Team competing in Melbourne in Two weeks time. He still bowls on the QLD grand prix circuit.

Ian Bradford stopped in at the Melbourne Cup this year. Hasn't bowled for 4 years and doesn't plan to soon.

Frank Ryan & Mark Molloy until recently bowled together in a team in the AMFLITE league at Moorabbin. They stopped in for a look at the SPC but I don't know if they plan to bowl again.

Eric Thompson runs the cafeteria at Mentone bowl. Still knocks down some pins but does a lot of work with young Mentone bowlers.

Brian Bridges still bowls in tournaments down here in Melbourne. Bowled AO, Melbourne Cup and SPC.

Steve Kiss still bowls in Tournaments in Victoria and the occassional one in SA. Still competitive as always.

John Sullivan was bowling on the over 45's circuit. But I'm not sure if he still does.

I met Jim Ferguson at the K & K Classic this year. I believe he still can't resist having a roll in Mary Flowers circuit up in Queensland.

I think Len Hogg still competes on the over 45's circuit down here in Victoria.

Another former great Tom Kury bowled in the Perth Tenpin Cup this year and still is as competitive as ever.

Be nice to hear about all of the other great bowlers mentioned in your post.



Fred Alsopp & Kevin Quinn are both still bowling at Campbelltown bowl! Fred Is captain of Campbelltown Crocs on a 200+ ave.

Kevin still seems to enjoy his bowling also!

If you wanna know anymore just ask!!


As far as i know,peter van kempen gave bowling away ages ago,he was a very good bowler in his time.Debbie biviano bowls in sydney premiership pennants on saturdays.


Tiger, I don't see Chris Batson on your list?
The last time I seen his name was for high series in Interdistrict League, in the Sunday papers, but I have'nt heard his name in any real bowling for years.
Maybe he will read this as he was into computers for years, even making his own computer programmes.


Tiger, Cheryl Munson runs the Pro-Shop at Enfield Bowl, which has the highest profits per league bowler of any shop in AMF by a long way. She also runs the coaching classes for TBAL coaches.


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Good to see the forum starting to get a wriggle on, here.
Willey, Chris Batson is the Malaysian National Team coach, based over there (According to a post on the Vic Forum).
Not clear as to wether he's still rolls the arm over though.


Mark Ramsay is back bowling Thursday nights at Milton after having heaps of problems with his knee. and averaging 220.
Terry Wenban moved to Brisbane and subed for a while in league, and now has taken up martial arts, which he prefers to bowling.
Harold Fryer as mentioned is still bowling in league and East Coast, but dosnt bowl in many tournaments.
Tony Rodrick is more involved with boating rather than bowling. Dont know if we will see him bowl again - maybe.



Another Female bowler - Jo Ellen Day. I hope that is spelt right.


Chris Batson bowled interdistrict for a few years in 2000-2001 and i think in 2002 as well.His average was around 218 which is impressive in a 5 man team.I think also he ran the pro shop at top ryde,but unsure if he still does.


This is the future!!!
Jo Ellen Day bobbed up on the Adelaide Scene for a couple of years in the mid 90's. Paul McCammon had a couple of stints at managing here in good old Mt Gambier from 1997 to 2000


O/K Tiger your only young, so what about some names from the deep past, I will put up some names of former great bowlers, some I know are not with us anymore, but others not heard of for many years.

  • JOE VELO first 300 shooter in Australia
    JAN KOZAKI South pacific winner, 4th in W/C
    TRISH DATSON first woman to bowl 300

    When I was growing up these bowlers had already made a name for themselves, I'm sure others can come up with plenty more. Sorry if a couple of names are incorrectly spelled.
    It would be good if more information can be given on above bowlers, or any bowler from the past.


Tom Kury bowled in the Brunswick Perth Cup this year. I don't think he travels to bowl interstate any more.

I saw Jeanette Baker on Sunday at Sunshine bowl. She is involved with the ATBSO. I think she competes on the ATBSO circuit and bowled VIC 150 this year.


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ok so I know he ain't from that far back but where is billy gardiner, does he still bowl? cause from what I heard he was a pretty damn good bowler
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