Bowling balls

hey all!!
bowling balls bowling balls bowling balls..
plenty around, different brands, very different prices!
at the moment im liking the look at a few of them..
such as the:
track voodoo
track hex treme
columbia sport
columbia rev and rip
storm blaze and boost
hammer reaper
soo there is plenty out there..not all that cost an arm and a leg..
but the stuff i have at this time are:

storm truama recovery
storm too hot
storm elnino
columbia richochet
columbia roll
and a white dot..

so i guess it is wat u like..coz these days balls are pretty similar form brand to brand with minor differences..
leave it up to u and ur budget..
take care
mickey :wink: 8)
Hey mickey

thank you thank you thank you for the great tips of expertice in bowling balls now i know that there are many brands and different price tags

thanx again
later :shock: :shock: :D
hey hey its me again ive had sum change in my list since i last posted

i got
battle zone cannon
speed zone
target zone
my kick ass ebonite skull
quantum tour limited addition
rhino pro thats been drilled that many times i think its gonna fall apart soon!
a very very very old but still MINE black hammer
ummm i think thats it but seeing as my whole family used to bowl and still 3 people do and my dad is a coach we have that many bowling balls lying around! (mainly old ones :p :lol: :D
Graham's right, got to polish the Response overwise it will go left off your hand, and will look like it doesn't hook, using up all its energy by the time it gets to the arrows. A bit of polish and it gets down the lane, hooks like a B***H and hits like a truck.

Anyhow I have got:

Tour Power (x2) (Have to agree the best ball ever produced)
Too Hot
Power Bolt
La Nina
El Nino

and my good old black hammer for spares.
Hey All, I only have 4 balls They are:

Storm Trauma Response(i have bowled unofficial 300 with)
EB Sport Mark IV
Slate Quantum Proactive 2.0 ( i have bowled unofficial 300 with)
i know i've already posted on here, but i've added one more ball to my little artillery :p
its a new 15lb columbia "wicked", and i have absolutely nothing bad to say about this ball

:twisted: :D :twisted:
Hey all. Graham is right, u must not have any hands! You can polish a Response if you cant control it, but mine is sanded and dulled, hooks like theres no tomorrow and hits like a train. One of the best balls around, never anything wrong wit it. I've only bowled a 254 with it, but only time and effort will get me bowling 270+ with it. The ball needs to be looked after, make sure it's cleaned, it doesnt soak up oil like the Ebonite Predator, and that soaks up oil like a camels sucks up water. Storm usually brings out good bowling balls, and with a the new ball, USA Gold out, cant wait to see it when it comes to Oz. Anywayz i'm going now, i'm gonna go bowl a 300 wit it so cyas round

Later :D :twisted: :lol:
I only have two, he he
Track magic "The Hex"
Brunswick Groove

The groove is just a spare ball but i have bowled a 280 and a 288 in the last 6 weeks with the hex , i think it rocks the house

Hi all I was just giving a mark IV bowling ball eb sport and just trying to fine information about it but can't find any anyone got tips to look up
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