ACT Seniors Cup Practice Sessions and Latest Squad Listings


This weekend will see Australias Best Senior Bowlers converge on Canberra International Bowl, to compete in the Inaugural ACT Seniors Cup.

With a full field of 72, it looks to be a great weekend.

For those travelling down on Friday, I have arranged for the tournament pattern to be put down for two practice sessions.

The first session will be @ 5pm and the second at 7.30pm. Lanes are limited so bookings at the centre on 02 62933888 will be essential.

I look forward to seeing you all here on the weekend.


A SQUAD (Full - 36 Bowlers)
1 Adams, Josie F
2 Baker, Jeanette F
3 Crocker, Regina F
4 Day, Annette F
5 Haw, Maria F
6 Kirby, Ann F
7 Onley, Rhondda F
8 Palmer, Jenny F
9 Porteous, Val F
10 Ramsay, Ursula F
11 Swan, Colleen F
12 Taylor, Dorothy F
13 Thorpe, Brenda F
14 Thwaites, Yvonne F
15 Jones, Lorraine F
16 Bell, Stephen M
17 Bernardin, Gary M
18 Clunnes-Ross, Kevin M
19 Coomber, Ken M
20 Cottrell, Tony M
21 Ford, John M
22 Francis, Paul M
23 Hill, Lawrie M
24 Jordan, David M
25 Krueger, Ray M
26 Leverink, Fred M
27 McKay, Alan M
28 Oudomvialy, Pakhongsith M
29 Palmer, Richie M
30 Roberts, Jim M
31 Show-Yin, Brien M
32 Sullivan, John M
33 Swan, Alan M
34 Swan, Ian M
35 Thorpe, Bill M
36 Wicks, Barry M

1 Bownie, Nola F
2 Coburn, Ingrid F
3 Davies, Sandra F
4 Flower, Mary F
5 Forrest, Maxine F
6 Heley, Gale F
7 Hird, Julie F
8 Jack, Suzanne F
9 Kirkwood, Brenda F
10 Morris, Jill F
11 Munson, Cheryl F
12 Raphael, Sue F
13 Yendle, Ros F
14 Young, Carolyn F
15 Busic, Rodney M
16 Coles, Richard M
17 Elliot, Jeff M
18 Fuller, Jim M
19 Harrison, Les M
20 Hilder, Peter M
21 Jankowski, Manfred M
22 Lenton, Doug M
23 Li, JP M
24 Long, Tony M
25 Looby, Brian M
26 Lyas, Greig M
27 Mead, Rex M
28 Morgan, Barry M
29 Smith, Allan M
30 Smith, Peter M
31 Sofia, Nick M
32 Stewart, Rod M
33 Tomasinski, Joe M
34 Whillans, John M
35 White, Vaughan M
36 Young, Peter M
Late entry!!!!

could you please add Joe Gatt, from Qld, to B Squad.....many thanks :)

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