2019 Seniors Australian Open

Colin Reese

New Member
Hi Sue ,

Could you please remove both Colin and Toni REESE from B Squad as work commitments will not allow for our attendance.

Sorry Colin Reese


sue due to colin and toni reese are pulling can you put me in B squad now if possible and take me out of A squad if that provding B squad has two places.

regards matthew smith

Colin Reese

New Member
Hi Sue

So sorry , but Colin and I can now make it again so please put us in A squad.
Thank you and sorry for the muck around.
Toni and Colin Reese (Seniors) QLD

Kevin Blackmore

Old Bowler
Hi Sue, can you please remove me from the tournament as I have a family event to attend to which I forgot about.
Can you please put my deposit to Bob Whybrow, thank you. Have a great tournament.
Kevin Blackmore


Gave up squash, bad elbow, now bowling!!
Please add Harold Wilkinson to B squad please. GS
(Joan Wilkinson said to say hello, from Austin Hospital laundry!!!)
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