2018 Senior Australian Open


Hi All
Entries are now open for this tournament you may enter my posting here or email me at rapsan@bigpond.net.au
Entry form is on the National Ranked Entry forms.

As noted on the entry form we have 2 squads A & B with 4 divisions please make sure you let me know if you are a Senior or Grand Senior

An entry is not an entry until you pay your deposit;
Therefore if no deposit is received your name will appear on the reserve list for your nominated squad until your deposit is paid. Bank details are on the entry please you name with your deposit.

This will eliminate bowlers that put their name down and then decide not to bowl or turn up.

Sue Raphael


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Hi Sue. Jeff (aka Jiffy) Elliott and Glenn Lennell for "B" Squad please. Both are Grand Seniors (in every sense of the word).



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Hi Sue (again). Just confirming that Bill Johnson (Defending Champ) will go in "B" squad.

Jeff's and my deposit should go through tonight.

Thanks & Cheers

Anthony L

Tony Long
A further addition Sue please add Jeff Stewart (S) along with Tony Long and Andy McKay both (GS) for B squad thank you...
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