2019 SA Seniors Classic

Are you a possible competitor in the 2019 SA Seniors Classic?

  • Yes, I hope to be there.

    Votes: 25 80.6%
  • No, I am unlikely to participate

    Votes: 6 19.4%

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Good morning All. Although we are not formally taking entries yet for the SA Seniors Classic, thank you to all those that have registered an interest and squad preference. I am keeping a record of all registrations of interest and we have 25 bowlers this early which is great. I am happy to keep taking names and squad preferences and will let you all know individually when the official entry form is available.

Just in case we don't communicate between now and 2019, I wish you and your families a safe and merry Christmas. See you in 2019.



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Hi Glenn,

Please put me down for B Squad as *gulp* Grand Senior. Hopefully the knee issues are sorted by then and I can get I enough practice in so as not to make an abject fool of myself lol
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