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Please find attached 2009 Brochure with any info. you may require. Also the initial squad list for Cannon Hill on 14th/15th Feb. For those rolling off for the Brisbane Assn. Challenge Team, please note that Sat. 14th is available for you.

After an extremely successful finish to 2008 with the Silly Season Doubles, the TEAM feel sure that 2009 will continue with the aim of the Tour - FOR BOWLERS WHO LOVE TO BOWL - still foremost in our minds. With current enquiries starting to roll in, if you require more details etc. please visit the Twin Tour website www.twintour.com.au or feel free to contact me personally. Congratulations must go to our webmaster, Andrew Christopher and wife Jo on the birth of their little girl, Grace Elizabeth. This will explain a certain slackness on his behalf updating the site - you are excused. (I think perhaps it is time for me to learn !!!).

Hope to see all of you back in 2009 with added mates and there will be hard copies of the brochure in centres next week.

Mary Flower
Phone: 3865 8887
email: [email protected]
Post on this forum or PM and thanks to Total Bowling once again in 2009.


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hey Mary

Can you please add Hayden Manskie, Rachel Manskie and Rochelle Mottlee to C sqaud if possible.:)

see you at Cannon Hill
hey Mary,
could you add stephanie Surawski to C Squad please.
hello mary, if there is room, can you put me to A Squad Please if not i will have to pull out!:(

I have the Brisbane Assn. Challenge Team roll off on the sunday, just noticed...

thanks darl!
Hey Mary, could you please add myself and Kimberley Blackwell in C Squad please
Attaching squad list at 17th Jan ...... good to see some enquiries from new bowlers - 4 weeks to go !!!


Mary Flower
3865 8887
email: [email protected]
Post on this forum or PM - TA! once again to Total Bowling
Visit: www.twintour.com.au


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G'day Mary

At the risk of getting myself in the fertilizer with the missus, (Val' day & all), could you please add my name to "A" squad.

Greg Kelly
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