Your first 600 series?

its been a while since i posted on this thread i started. and i started it almost 3 years ago.

i did try bowling at another centre, coffs harbour actually.
didnt do too bad.
but had to give up due to a couple of things.
best series i bowled up there, 590.

ah well.
time will tell.

ive almost given up trying to think about it.
maybe then ill finally knock one off
Don't worry mate I feel the same, I used to average over 200 with a best of 787 but these days since I came back I struggle to get to 550 on a good night.

Just keep working on it, you'll get there.
Just focus on closing each frame and don't worry about the scores.

My 16 year old daughter bowled her first one last week and she didn't even realise until we told her after she finished. So just chill and enjoy the bowling and the people around will come!
heh, i'm having trouble getting a 600 series this year in ANY league i'm in

598 in 1 league this year, so should be too long...

im getting there! around about 6 months of bowling and hit 531 last week

i think ill drink 4000 beers when i crack a 600 series!
i remember hitting 600 for the first time. Then I remember hitting 650. 700 was probably the hardest milestone for me though, I stressed over it more than anything else being a mentally weak teen, then once I hit it it was like "meh, that wasn't too special." Nothing really lives upn to the hype I feel.
Then probably a year later I actually hit my first 750. I remember making it a long term goal to eventually hit 750 a few years before hand, but I had sorta forgot about it.

It's all about taking it in baby steps I feel. Stressing over the result makes it harder to arrive at, & easier to choke. What works for me is getting into a routine & actually believing your shot is the first frame of your game. anything before hand is 'empty' & non existant. Hopefully that helps, Matt. Good luck!
thanks for the tip troy.

right now im just trying to bowl consistent enough.
600 is the least thing on my mind.
putting up with other people's constant badgering over my bowling is whats on my mind right now.

but it will be worth it when i can finally knock one off.
ive often told friends taht the lineup of people to kiss me on the backside will be a long one when i get 600
I threw a 606 for 3 and 804 for 4 tonight, was pretty chuffed.

I've only been bowling a few months since a long break - it's all coming back.:D
Im sure you will get your first 600 pretty soon,your knocking on the door. Try not to think about it,just relax and have fun.
I bowled my first 600 in 1987 from memory,about 2 years after i started bowling. Now its just a normal thing to bowl 600. Keep plugging away :)
It's like the old saying of " a watched pot never boils " the more you think about it the harder it is to accomplish. Best thing to do is take it one frame at a time, and don't even think about the score till the game's over.
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