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Prince of Darkness
I'd like to send out a big congratulations to Shane "Darrell" Rossberg on bowling a fine 100 game in the 4th game of the Seve's doubles at Mount Louisa Lanes on Friday night.

After games of 190, 220, and 170 he was going pretty well, and then he decided to up the ante, and that he did. Not since Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles bowled doubles at the High Roller in '72 has a more accurate display of bowling been witnessed. :D:D

Even the spectators were nervous as nobody knew where the next ball would go, it was like watching a blind man clay pigeon shooting :D

Keep up the great bowling Darrell!! :D :D

I would Have Said the The Zero Beers Was the Problem. He gets More Accurate the More he Drinks....LOL
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