Margaret Cole Hunter Valley Open - Final Results


Before I list the results. This event was a seperate division (men & women) through qualifying which was on Saturday and the final contested today was in Mixed Doubles format. Just in case some of you didn't know the format.

Congratulations goes to the Champions Amanda Bradley & Sam Romeo.

Runners Up cheque goes to Katie Kotteakos & Jamie Sim.

3rd Place went to Ann Maree Putney & Jarrod Lean.

4th Place - Sharron McKay & Robert Thompson.
5th Place - Sharron Rigney & Nathan Kennedy.
6th Place - Tracey Watts & Craig Bourke.
7th Place - Liana Batty & Nathan Jenner.
8th Place - Justine Peters & Andrew Lloyd.
9th Place - Sandra Davis & Jason Belmonte.
10th Place - Meaghan Curtis & Christian Purdue.
11th Place - Suzanne Jack & Henry Mather.
12th Place - Judy Hutt & Bruce Austin.
13th Place - Elizabeth Hitman & Trent Cage.
14th Place - Donna Lever & Jeff Salt.
Margaret Cole

I see nobody has posted on here this year whinging about the lane conditions. However I heard many bowlers over the wknd saying suprisingly kinds things about the condition layed. Why not post these positive comments.

Last year bowlers thought the tournament was rigged because of the winners. To be honest, it was a good pairing it was going to be difficult to beat them anyway and a problem with the oiling machine probably didnt make it look any better. For anyone who hasnt or doesnt know of this tournament, the matchplay is in doubles format and drawn randomly. There are four female bowlers competing that are Australian standard out of 14 so it is pure luck to get drawn with one of these women. If you do, u know u will have a good chance of running top 3. Which looking at the scores you can see was relatively close.

And to show what it means to be paired with a lower averaged female bowler look where Jase Belmonte finished. He averaged the highest for the guys 230+ but didnt place.

Suggestions have been put forward to turn this into a singles format for both men and women to attract more women. Because really it is the women who let this tournament down in numbers. We got 17 women for a top 14 cut with the same prize money or similar to QLD Cup and NSW Open. Hopefully next year if a singles format can be arranged then surely that will help entries. Because suprisingly enough there is an airport in Newcastle.
I personally love the Margaret Cole tournament BECUZ of the format! unfortunately I couldn't make it there this year due to work, money, time etc but I'd love to come next year! If its a singles I don't think I would tho. Theres my opinion if u wanted it :) :)
Jessika :D
I think that the singles qualifying and doubles matchplay final make this tournament quite unique and should stay this way. If you remember this was originally a LADIES ONLY tournament when it first started in memory of Margaret Cole,but because of the number of men that travelled with the ladies it was decided to include them.I feel that the comments that were made last year was one of the factors of why the numbers were down, that and also the changes that were made by the person supposedly running it last year.
It must stay the same as previous years. The women that don't compete need to get some guts and bowl against the top females of Australian bowling. Realisticly you'll have six top females definately making the final, but the is still another 8 spots up for grabs to qualify for the final. HAVE A GO!

I say have qualifying as Singles and the Mixed Doubles format as the Final.

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